PTA Walking Challenge

Saturday Feb 10 - Friday Feb 16 2024

Which school can walk the most - Mohr, Vintage Hills, Lydiksen, Hearst, Walnut Grove or Fairlands??

Log your walks via the form below.
Parents/siblings/staff - everyone can participate!  

Post YOUR walking pictures via THIS LINK!
(we will add them to the above public photo carousel!)

Walking Instructions:
1. A “Walk” is defined as 10+ minutes of continuous walking.
2. Daily steps MAY NOT be counted.
3. Log after your walk & share your picture using the link below.

Indoors and outdoors counts!
For walking outdoors ask your parent/guardian for permission or walk as a family! 

Pedometer Know-How:
Clip it to your waistband (don’t hold it in your hand!)
Before every walk, press the button to reset the steps to 0.
Small variations in steps are normal!

NO PEDOMETER?  Convert minutes walked to steps (use 125 steps for each minute walked, so for a 10-minute walk put 1,250 steps) or use any smartwatch/a Fitbit to measure your steps.

Do you have any questions/concerns about the PTA walking challenge? Please email us!

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